हिमाली स्वरहरु – PRESS RELEASE: NRN National Coordination Council of USA concludes an Annual Meeting

PRESS RELEASE: NRN National Coordination Council of USA concludes an Annual Meeting

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A meeting of the NRN National Coordination Council of USA was held in Quality Inn at 3255 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, Feb. 20, 2010. About 50 attendees were present from all parts of the U.S.A. as well as a NRNA Representative from Canada. His Excellency Dr. Shankar Prasad Sharma, Ambassador of Nepal in the U.S.A. was the Chief Guest and Mr. Ratan Jha, General Secretary of the NRNA – ICC was in attendance along with Dr. Ambika P. Adhikari, the NRNA – ICC Regional Coordinator. Mr. Suman Timsina, President, NRN National Coordination Council of USA, presided the meeting.

The participants dealt with a full agenda including the bylaws amendment and the planning of the 4th NRNA Regional Conference in Houston on May 28 – 30, 2010. The opening plenary session was devoted to an introduction of the NRN National Coordination Council of USA sporting its new name and the recent steps to popularize the new NRN movement across the USA; the vision of regional coordination and the role of the international NRNA. Mr. Suman Timsina appealed all organizations and participants to maintain a positive attitude and continue reach out grass root members to work together and help NRN NCC achieve its goals. A schedule of a series of town hall meetings in 2010 across USA was also discussed. Dr. Ambika Adhikari explained the organizational structure of the NRN Association. His Excellency DR. Sharma described the role of the Government of Nepal on NRN Affairs and how NRNs could play a meaningful role in helping Nepal in the SA. On that occasion, Mr. Ratan Jha assured the issuance of Certificates of Affiliation to the NRN National Coordination Council of USA in the immediate future. Mr. Ram Kharel, media coordinator, appealed all media to support NRN National Coordination Council for USA to achieve its goal to reach out to larger community.

Sessions were devoted to the NRN Projects like the Open University and potential for collaborative investments by NRN in the USA, collective investment, a session on the role of women and increased participation of the larger Nepali community and a discussion on the current hot topic of dual citizenship for the NRN. Highlights were the presentation of the proposed Nepali Cultural Center in IL by Bishnu Phuyal, NECC (Washington, DC) by Mr. Ram Kharel and initiative of Nepalese Society in Texas (Dallas) by Suman Timsina. These interactive sessions were very well attended.

The following resolutions were adopted at the meeting:

It welcomed the recent name change from NAC as appropriate to the function of the organization; in conformity with the 54 other NRN organizations globally, in response to calls from local diaspora organizations and under applicable Nepali Law.
It noted that the bylaws were being modified to address the name change as well as the adjustment required to accommodate the increased emphasis on individual membership over organizational. It appealed all members to provide timely input to the bylaws change.
It stressed that the NRN National Coordination Council of USA will work in cooperation and collaboration with other organizations in the USA.
It encouraged the current and future executives to continue with the current outreach activities and to redouble its efforts in the media and through personal contacts.
It welcomed the upcoming 4th NRNA Regional Conference in Houston and pledged to extend all possible support. All attendees were encouraged to attend and make it successful as well as to help the Conference Coordinator Mr. Ratan Jha.
It warmly welcomed the initiatives being pursued by NRN to help Nepal and NRN themselves, whether through the NRNA – ICC or NRN National Coordination Council of USA. Among them were joint investment initiatives, Open University project, skill and knowledge share and other similar ideas.
It stressed the importance of getting every sector of the Nepali diaspora engaged and involved in making the NRN NCC and the NRN movement in the USA a success.
It emphasized the need to set up the “NRN Emergency Fund” to help the Nepali Community across the USA during unfortunate emergency situations.
Informed about the ongoing discussion worldwide among the NRN about the merits of asking for dual citizenship versus the limited rights granted under the current NRN Law, it affirmed the current approach taken by the NRNA and those entrusted to the NRNA to chart the appropriate course fore future.

Suman R. Timsina
NRN National Coordination Council of USA



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