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Pls listen Open Mic with Ms Olga Murray

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Welcome to the Open Mic,the presentation of Himali Sworharu,Nepali Online Radio.Today in Open Mic We are sharing an interview of Ms Olga Murray,The president of Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation(NYOF) .Sagun Basnet is talking with Ms.Olga Murray.

In Nepal the NYOF kids call her “Olga didi,” meaning “older sister.” President of NYOF’s board, Olga Murray is living proof that getting older doesn’t mean slowing down, not that she ever did. Born in 1925 in Transylvania, Olga Murray came to the U.S. as a six year old and eventually graduated from Columbia University and law school at George Washington University, where she was one of the few female students. She had worked her way through school by researching and writing for famed muckraking columnist Drew Pearson. With her law degree in hand, she found that no law firm would hire a woman. So Olga knocked on the door of the California Supreme Court, where she became a research attorney for Chief Justice Phil Gibson. When he retired, Olga joined the law staff of the new Justice Stanley Mosk. During her 37-year tenure at the Court, Olga helped to write important decisions in the areas of civil rights, women’s rights, and environmental policy. She retired in 1992 to launch yet another career—helping impoverished children in Nepal. Olga spends most of each year in Nepal overseeing NYOF’s projects, and the rest of her time in Sausalito, California raising funds for NYOF—redefining just what a didi can do.
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