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PRESS RELEASE of NRN National Coordination Council of USA

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Non-Resident Nepali Association, the National Coordination Council of USA (NRN NCC of USA) or interchangeably used NRN USA, is a 501(c) (3) organization registered in the state of Tennessee, USA. NRN NCC of USA, formally known as, Nepalese Americas Council (NAC), is the national coordinating body of Nepali organizations and individuals in the USA on Diaspora affairs. Since 2003, NAC and now NRN NCC USA has been serving as the National Coordination Council of Non Resident Nepali Association (NRNA). NRN NCC USA develops policies per NRNA International Coordination Council’s (NRNA ICC) guidelines and implements programs to address the needs of the NRNs in the United States of America and back home in Nepal. It also works closely wit! h its affiliated associations and individuals to promote the interests of the NRNs in USA. Increasing number of Nepali American community organizations and individuals are joining hands with NRN NCC of USA to make this national campaign more effective.

Recent attempt made by the Association of Nepalese in America (ANA) to falsely claim and identify itself as the NRN representative organization of America is not only misleading but it is also an attempt of few on its part to unnecessarily divide our communities. Therefore, NRN NCC of USA as the legitimate national sister organization of NRNA ICC appeals to all NRN community members and organizations in the United States of America not to be misguided by such unwarranted acts of ANA. ANA is neither affiliated to nor recognized by the NRNA-ICC. It is also a well known fact that ANA was one of the principal member partners involved in the creation of NAC which served as the NRN NCC of USA until early 2010. NRN NCC of US! A as the only recognized national organization to represent all NRNs in USA has been vigorously engaged in reform efforts and making it the common platform for all Nepali Diaspora members in America. The attempt by ANA to separate itself from NRN NCC of USA is not only divisive but it also disturbs the community unity.

NRN International Coordination Council’s President Mr. Devman Hirachan has clearly communicated to ANA President on May 6, 2010 that there is an only one recognized NRNNCC and all membership and other activities must be done in collaboration with them. It was brought to our attention that a NRN America has used NRN Logo and that is a serious matter of trademark infringement with serious legal implication. We request ANA and! NRN America to immediately remove such logo and not to publicize as a part of NRN International Coordination Council and further, not to engage in any membership or fund raising drive in the name of NRN National Coordination Council of America, an organization of global network.

NRN NCC of USA, among many other programs, also organizes, hosts and supports local, regional and international conferences, and seminars. During 2009 and 2010, NRN NCC of USA has worked with local organizations and individuals to host several number town hall meetings across the USA and held its annual meeting at Louisville, Kentucky. More recently, as per global NRNA Charter, NRN USA and NRN Canada jointly hosted the 4th Regional NRN Conference in Houston from May 28-30, 2010. About 350 individuals representing many Nepali organizations in USA and Canada and representatives from over 20 NRN NCCs globally participated in the conference. NRNA Global Conference is held in Kathmandu in every two years and NRN NCC of USA has been continuing to represent Nepali Diaspora in America by sending its official delegates. NRN ICC requires NCC USA to officially certify the list of delegates to the Global conference.

NRN NCC of USA is of all NRNs, for all NRNs and by all NRNs and therefore, we call on ANA leadership to join us and work together on behalf of all of us in America. NRN NCC of USA’s door is always open to all organizations and individuals. NRN NCC of USA has always extended invitation to ANA to every one of its activities and events; but they have never responded in affirmative. NCC USA is in a process of amending its existing by-laws to make it more relevant and accommodating. Recently, a draft version of the by-laws was shared with all Nepali community groups, organizations and individuals, including ANA and it asked everyone to offer constructive inputs to improve it. The by-laws Committee continues to receive inputs from ! many through the country and the Committee hopes to finalize it and submit the final version of the by-laws to the Board for timely adoption. The NRN NCC of USA’s General Body Meeting held in Houston has already endorsed the draft with minor changes. ANA was previously invited to participate in the by-laws amendment process, but they refused to participate in it. The by-laws Committee of NRN NCC of USA still welcomes ANA to offer suggestions on for the draft by-laws.

NRN NCC of USA is a network of individual NRN members and Nepali organizations in the United States. It has been functioning working as the only recognized approved NCC of the global NRN Association for the last five years. NRN NCC of USA aspires to continue to increase the NRN membership of both individuals and organizations in the USA. Our goal is to maintain our work for the benefit of Nepali Diaspora in the US, Nepal and around the world. NRN NCC of USA appeals to all individuals, organizations and Nepali community groups to join it and engage in realizing its noble goals. NRN NCC of USA is your organization; be a part of it and don’t be misguided and confused by divisive claims. United we rise divided we fall

-Board of Executives
NRN National Coordination Council of USA


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