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Success Stories by Sangam Gharti

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Success Stories

1 Believe in yourself, success will follow

The above statement holds true in the life of Man Kumari Karki of Byas Municipality ward no…. and a SHG general member who has….. kids to look after. She is physically disabled by birth and cannot walk independently. She moves around with the support of a walking stick. In her life many challenges have arose since her husband’s death. In our society people hate widows and have discrimination towards disabled people.
A few years ago she remained within the boundaries of household work and agriculture farming. It was very difficult to fulfill the daily household needs and meet all expenses for her children as well as other unseen expenses. She had no other income source to live upon. Thus, she was very frustrated with life and did not know what to do. In the mean time NIDA had begun its REVOTE program in Byas Municipality and found her facing such difficulty. NIDA provided counseling services and provided SHG training to her. NIDA also motivated her to participate in awareness programs organized in her village.

People have been blaming their fate (Karma) for having disability. After the awareness program they were alert and got to know the real cause of being disabled. The community has also learnt about its realities too. The program made it easy for her to understand the fact and got involved with goat-rearing training. SHG committee provided her with Rs…………for goat-rearing and started working in it. Now she has refunded the loan provided to her and has been selling grown-up goats and has met her ends meet by taking this as a profession.

Besides this goat-rearing and other domestic chore she is also involved in social activities and SHG meetings where she has been a source of inspiration to others about her success. She said, “I’m very grateful to NIDA, because after receiving the training many opportunities opened up for me and my life has improved. Today, together with my family I have ……goats. I’m making an income of about Rs…..per annum from this entire business”. She says that the reasons behind her success are NIDA support and belief in her and hard work put forward. Today what I am, is all because of NIDA & KCF she adds, not forgetting to express her gratitude towards them.

2 Struggle, Sincerity and Success

Bhanu ward no 4, a VDC of Tanahun district is an ill developed place like many other places of Nepal. The society is similar to that of any rural area; most of the people depending on farming and livestock rearing, few are job holders. The population is mostly of Brahmins and Chhetris (so called high caste people). The society lacks women empowerment attitude and Luna Kumal is one who is suffering because of this attitude.
Kumal (25 yrs.) was born with Polio so she has been suffering ever since. She faced many problems yet she completed her two-year college on humanities from Prithivi Narayanl Multiple Campus, Pokhara with hard work put regularly. She wants to work and study further. Society has always discouraged women to seek freedom and work in the community, so this left her without any opportunity to work and also stopped her from further study. When she came into NIDA contact it was then when she shared her difficulties and related her wish and ambition. She joined the SHG committee and took capacity building training and participated in awareness and teacher orientation programs which helped make her dream come true.

NIDA had given priority for her employment in any place that was in the offer. Fortunately, Children Nepal of Kaski, Pokhara had published a vacancy for Field Facilitator in Kyamin VDC and Damauli. NIDA informed her and she applied for the post. She was then oriented in child rights and provided with handouts to be prepared for this job in waiting. She has a foot problem and has difficulty in walking but is perfect to work with the community. NIDA chairman had done advocacy to the executive members of Children Nepal for her appointment. She faced the interview in Pokhara and was successful with it. At present she is doing well and is very happy and is supporting her family and saving money monthly by running a cooperative by their group. She has also enrolled with Prithivi Narayanl Multiple campus, Pokhara. for Bachelors degree in humanities.

Kumal believes that the reasons behind everyone’s success are loyalty, diligence and regularity. We hope after going through the success story of Kumal, we try to generate attitude and spirit within ourselves and try to do work with diligence and loyalty to be successful. Thanks to Children Nepal, Pokhara for providing an opportunity to a disabled woman and Kumal for her sincerity.

29.3 Successful Technician & RJ

Suman Shrestha, physically disabled male of age 23 years, born in Byas municipality-10, Damauli has a problem of hip join since 6 years. He was living with his sister and brother-in-law at Damauli church without any doing anything. He looked very sincere and wanted to do something if he got an opportunity. After the NIDA REVOTE program Field Facilitator met him and got to know of his desire to take computer training and work in an office or become an instructor in computer training. NIDA provided him with an opportunity to take a six-month diploma computer training in Damauli. He has difficulty in walking independently, so NIDA provided him with elbow crutches in order to be accessible. He could then attend the training class regularly with this. He completed his computer course and practiced as an intern at NIDA office for three months. He perfected in working with works related to computer. He started his job as an instructor in computer training center in Dulegauda, Tanahun. After few months he left his job because it was too far from home and had problem in commuting. During leisure time he joined with NIDA activities and conducted programs as Master of Ceremony (MC). He is perfect with being able to relay messages because of his good voice.

In the mean time Madi Seti FM Radio started broadcasting in Damauli. He got to be appointed as a technician with this community FM radio station. At present he is also anchoring every Thursday and has been giving emphasis to the issues and activities regarding PWDs. He gives priority to broadcast information on NIDA activities. Now Damauli is proud to introduce him as a successful technician and radio anchor.

By: Sangam gharti
Tanahun, Nepal

Email ghartisangam@gmail.com


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