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Press release of NRN America

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To: NRNNCC of USA (A.k.a. NRN America)

Mr. Senior Vice-President, the Board of Directors and the House of Delegates,

In view of the fact that the current president of NRNNCC of USA (A.k.a. NRN America), Mr. Suman Timsina, is also a candidate for president for 2011-2012 terms, the election committee have decided that we submit the election report and result with the names of the uncontested candidates to Mr. Mukesh Singh, current Senior Vice-President, the Board of Directors and the House of Delegates.

On August 30, 2010, the President in consultation with the Board appointed an Election Committee consisting of 5 (five) members. Mr. Tsewang Sherpalama (Independent) of NY was designated the Coordinator of the committee with other members respectively, Mrs. Bhumika Gimire (GNWN) of NJ, Mr. Jay Mandal (ANTA) of CA, Mr. Adittya Maharjan (FIPNA) of NY and DR. Ramchandra Baral (NASEA) of GA.

The Election Committee invited nominations from Individual Members for the position(s) of Directors and Officer(s) of the Board to be elected on September 9, 2010. An election announcement, Election process, Individual Membership form, Institutional partnership for house of delegation invitation and Candidacy form were made available to all on nrnusa.org, the only official public announcement platform of the NRNNCC of USA (A.k.a. NRN America). In addition, on September 16, 2010 another election announcement was made for greater public information via both Nepalhorizon.com website and their email database.

Several rounds of telephone conferences between the election committee members were scheduled and held to update and discuss election related issues. The election committee received altogether 36 (Thirty-six) applications from various Individual NRN members from different part of the United States of America. Following a careful review, 4 (four) applications for various positions were disqualified, 2 (Two) email only notices and 1 (one) late entry received were voided unanimously by the election committee members on various procedural grounds and/or for non-compliance. The election committee followed the guidelines incorporated in the election article of the bylaws of NRNNCC of USA (A.k.a. NRN America).

Announcement of the election committee had scheduled the election date for October 30, 2010 for voting to occur, if any position/s was/were contested.
The call for election announcement required all completed application for the candidacy to be received by October 9, 2010 by the election committee. However, in accordance with the provision in the bylaws, no contest seems to be necessary because the numbers of qualified candidates are just enough. As there is no contest the election committee unanimously agrees that there is no need to hold the election as previously scheduled. Thus, the election committee members present on the teleconference meeting held on October 25, 2010 has decided to declare the contest as uncontested. We therefore, unanimously certify the results, and announce the names of the elected Directors and officers for 2011-2012 to the current Board and House of Delegates as attached with this report in accordance to article XIV: ELECTIONS, A7 of the bylaws of the NRNNCC of USA (A.k.a. NRN America).

The election committee also unanimously recommends the board to keep names of candidates those were disqualified and/or voided to admire their personal and social honor. It is a unanimous view of the election committee that unless authorized in writing by the applicants themselves to make such an announcement public, keeping this matter confidential may prevent unnecessary social gossiping to discredit other wise their well intended interests to serve the NRNNCC of USA (A.k.a. NRN America).

Mr. Senior Vice-President, HODs, BODs and Individual Members,
The Election Committee has been conducting our responsibility solely guided by US Non-profit Charitable Organization Laws, the constitution of NRNICC and election articles of the 7th amended bylaws of the NRNNCC of USA (A.k.a. NRN America).

While we strive to fulfill our duties diligently in a professional and procedural manner, it may be quite possible that we may have failed to please each and every individual’s desires. We seek forgiveness in not being able to entertain individual requirements and wishes.

The Election Committee has now completed the entire election process. We thank NRNNCC of USA (A.k.a. NRN America) for this opportunity to contribute our service. We hope that the newly elected Board of Directors shall in unity perform their entrusted responsibilities with constructive-leadership-activities, and demonstrate a productive NRNNCC of USA (A.k.a. NRN America) for our motherland, her people and unity in them. The Election Committee Team Members wishes all the best to all, and thank you to all.

NRNNCC of USA (A.k.a. NRN America
Certified and Submitted on October 27, 2010
Election Committee members (2010)
Mrs. Bhumika Gimire (GNWN) of NJ, Mr. Jay Mandal (ANTA) of CA,
Mr. Adittya Maharjan (FIPNA) of NY, DR. Ramchandra Baral (NASEA) of GA,
Mr. Tsewang Sherpalama (Independent) of NY


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