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Happy New Year 2011

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Happy New Year 2011
Despite war, natural disasters, separation from the loved one and egotism of some of us, we have one way or another survived until today. Here we are to embrace the year 2011.
You may remember in early 2009 there was a miracle on Hudson river. American Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger landed US Airways Airbus A320 in the middle of the Hudson river. That was an emergency landing and luckily all the boarded 155 passengers were safe and sound.
I think that is a symbol of hope.
Similarly in October 2010,you may remember another hopeful and courageous story . Thirty three Chilean Minors who were trapped 700 meters underground and were rescued after 69 days and now they are audacious celebrities.
And, I think that is a symbol of togetherness!
Now let’s welcome year 2011 with the spirit of hope and togetherness !
As a producer and creator of Himali Sworharu-Nepali Online Radio, I wish you all blissful new year 2011.
Sahadev Poudel
Himali Sworharu-Nepali Online Radio
Action through Communication
New York City


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