हिमाली स्वरहरु – It is a right time to invest in Nepal”: NRNs in US engage in an interaction with ambassadors and government officials

It is a right time to invest in Nepal”: NRNs in US engage in an interaction with ambassadors and government officials

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April 11, 2011



“It is a right time to invest in Nepal”: NRNs in US engage in an interaction with ambassadors and government officials

NRN National Coordination Council facilitated an interaction with NRNNCC of USA organized An Interaction with Ambassador Scott H. DeLisi, Ambassador Dr. Shankar P. Sharma and Mr. Mitul Desai, a Senior Adviser to Assistant Secretary Blake of the Department of State.


An interaction primarily focused on the building human (youth and women), professional and entrepreneurial. Mr. Jagannath Ghimire, Mr. Pradyumna Dahal and Mr. Deepak Basyal talked about the importance of professional networking and knowledge sharing between professional organizations of Nepal. The discussion also focused on how American Society of Nepalese Engineers (ASNEngr), CAN USA, America Nepal Medical Foundation and Association of Nepalese Mathematicians in America can impact knowledge sharing, developing professional and technical skills, and education system. They also shared how a collaborative efforts of ASNEngr, CANUSA and America Nepal Medical Foundation by working with NRNNCC of USA and other organization has built awareness for earthquake disaster preparedness since earthquake in Haiti.


Dr. Gyanu Acharya shared interesting data on the trend of growing number of Nepali in US and a need to establish a process to capture these youth force. He also proposed an idea of investing on quality higher education by establishing Policy research Institute etc. Mr. Bibhav Acharya shared experience of working at Nyaya Health in far west of Nepal and raised concerns on the need of decentralization of Nepal to impact underprivileged areas.


Focusing on challenges  to entrepreneurship in Nepal. SVP of NRN National Coordination Council of US, Mr. Prahlad KC, talked about adverse impact of travel advisory warnings, garment imports and also talked about how NRN Organization can promote better image of Nepal by hosting more collaborate entrepreneurial activities and trade shows. Mr. Anjan Shrestha talked about a need for Tax treaty between Nepal and US to ensure Nepalis are not subject to double taxation. He gave example of other SAARC countries and also specified how such treaty can ease the financial burden on Nepali students on F1 VISA who are subject to Federal taxes and are in disadvantage compare to the students from neighboring countries.

Mr. Ratan Jha talked about the objectives of NRN Association and its existence in 56 countries. He further talked about need of NRNs to work with their counter parts in Nepal in big infrastructure projects by sharing knowledge, experience and wealth. Lack of experience in big infrastructure projects are putting Nepali investors in disadvantage. He also talked about NRN Association led efforts of collective investments of NRNs and 100 million dollars project.


Suman Timsina, President of NRNNCC of USA, further added, that time has never been better to invest in Nepal. This is a time to rebuild Nepal and they need every resources that we can use to deliver big impacts. These investments can be capacity mobilizing of NRNs and connecting them to right counterpart for capacity building in Nepal.


Mr. Mitul Desai, a senior advisor to Asstt Secretary of State = Mr. Robert Blake, introduced the task of diaspora relations in the department of State. He further emphasized his commitment to work closely with Nepali community and building better relationship with diaspora.


Speaking on the occasion, His Excellency Mr. DeLisi, informed attendees how the US government has been engaged in Nepal’s capacity building and capacity development. He gave example of energy, education, social relationship and other entrepreneurial projects. He further informed of an effort to train youth and women from every community. He added his personal interest and effort in conjunction of US Congress for earthquake preparedness and building trade partnership. He defended to travel advisory and added it has not impacted much as number of tourists from US has increased and are second to India. He clarified that it is his responsibility to ensure citizens of US know what’s happening in Nepal so they come prepared and therefore, such travel advisory for Nepal remains unchanged.


Ambassador Dr. Shankar P. Sharma presented several data on Nepal’s development and said, there is no reason for Nepal’s development to be less than 5% by being between two giant economy of India and Nepal with growth in double digit. Therefore capacity building and capacity utilization of Nepal’s skills, profession, youth, women and economy is a must. He informed of various programs initiated and led by his office to develop stronger ties between two bi-lateral countries.


Over 70 community leaders from various part of USA represented several youth, professionals and other organizations. They were fully engaged in first of such interactive meeting. NRNNCC of USA’s President Mr. Suman R Timsina moderated the session and he informed taking such interaction to other part of the country in coming days with the help of local organizations. He informed a plan to hold similar program on tourism and trade promotion. Mr. Rajendra Shrestha summarized the program and extended vote of thanks.

(Pictures by Nepalhorizons.com )

Suman R. Timsina
NRN National Coordination Council of USA (aka NRN America)


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