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Vision For Nepal Foundation (VIFON):Press Release

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Vision For Nepal Foundation (VIFON)

Springfield, VA, 2011

June 21, 2011

Press Release

Vision for Nepal Foundation (VIFON) on June 20 entered into a television program broadcast agreement with Fairfax Public Access TV for transmitting its bi-weekly talk-show already known to the Nepali audience as “American Conversations: Connecting Frontiers (AC:CF)”.

According to VIFON founding President Krishna Sharma, the program will start transmitting from August 2011. Viewers residing in the Northern Virginia and Greater Washington DC area will be able to watch the half-hour-long talk program on Channel 30, which is also known as WORLD 30. The day and timing of the broadcast is yet to be determined. Viewers residing at Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Prince William, Fredericksburg, Warrenton, Winchester and Fauquier counties with COX or Verizon cables will have better access to the program.

The AC:CF is the first interactive TV talk program ever produced in the USA and transmitted in Nepal also via Nepal’s one of the most watched televisions called Avenues TV on a bi-weekly basis. In Nepal the program is transmitted every first and third Sunday of a Nepali month at 09:30 pm (NST).

The program is designed with a view to bringing in a fresh American and Diaspora perspective on Nepal’s political, economic, and diplomatic and other pressing developmental and socio-economic issues facing the nation.

The main objective of this interactive program is to connect the frontiers, as the tag line of the program suggests.

The host for the program is Mr. Krishna Sharma. Mr. Sharma has over 15 years of journalism experience and is currently working with The Washington Post and is also the BBC correspondent to Washington DC. His articles have widely appeared in world’s noted newspapers including The Financial Times which publishes from London. He is also the president of Nepal America Journalists’ Association.

The core team of AC:CF includes Magsaysay award winning journalist Bharat Dutta Koirala, journalism professor and co-initiator of Media Foundation Dr. Dharma Adhikari, sociologist and Washington DC based foreign affairs expert on Nepal Dr. Anup Pahari, former Nepal Television senior editor Lochan Man Shrestha, economist Pradumna Bikram Thapa; and Hans Sawyer and Scott Preston of the Pioneer Studio, among others.

In each talk show the AC:CF delves on issues of paramount concerns to the Nepalese living in and outside the political geography of the Himalayan nation. It invites new expert guest(s) from across the glove, irrespective of their nationality, with their unique experiences and insights in the subject matter relevant to the contemporary period.

The AC:CF team believes that instead of losing ourselves in the midst of our own voices, it is time we listen to what our neighbors and Nepal lovers have to say about us, our weaknesses, our strengths and the possibility of our growth in the national, regional and international fronts.

Among the AC:CF guests whose views on Nepal have already been transmitted via AC:CF include I William Zartman, Professor Emeritus at Johns Hopkins University whose theory of conflict negotiations was instrumental in resolving the Irish conflict in the 90s; Lisa Curtis, senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation who also served at the White House as South Asian expert on economic and security issues; Nepali ambassador to Nepal Dr. Shankar P. Sharma; Peace Corps volunteers Nancy and Homa Chetry; and Matthew Handley, the award winning US attorney who fought on behalf of the 12 Nepali families whose sons were brutally murdered in Iraq in 2004.

To learn more about the AC:CF, please visit VIFON’s website www.visionnepal.org


Krishna P. Sharma

Founding President

Vision for Nepal Foundation

8856 Surveyors Place

Springfield, VA 22152

Phone: 703-889-0792

Email: americanconversations@gmail.com

Twit us at: www.twitter.com/twitwithkrishna


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