हिमाली स्वरहरु – Press Release:9th Annual World Day against the Death Penalty

Press Release:9th Annual World Day against the Death Penalty

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Press Release:9th Annual World Day against the Death Penalty

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Today, 9th Annual World Day against the Death Penalty

Date:- October 10, 2011

We strongly oppose capital punishment in all countries. Today, October 10, 2011 is the 9th annual World Day against the Death Penalty, and this is the 35th year of reinstating the capital punishment in the US from 1976. 1,271 people have been put to death by various means of killing in the US. This September, the state of Georgia executed Troy Davis, and Texas executed its 475th prisoner since 1976 and it has executed the largest number of people of any US state.The death penalty is a fundamental assault on the right to life found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international human rights treaties.

138 prisoners have been released from death rows in the United States after 1973 after they were shown to be innocent of the crimes for which they had been sentenced to die. The inherent fallibility of all criminal justice systems assures that even when full due process of law is respected, innocent people are likely to be executed. Because an execution is irreversible, such miscarriages of justice can never be corrected.

The United States stands increasingly alone among democratic countries in its continued use of the death penalty. By retaining capital punishment in a world that has largely turned its back on this barbaric practice, the US damages its reputation, causes friction with its closest neighbors and allies, and undermines its efforts to promote human rights at home and abroad. Death as a punishment is becoming more and more unusual because it is increasingly recognized as inherently cruel.

Alliance for Democracy and Human Rights in Nepal-USA urges all jurisdictions in the United States and other countries still retaining capital punishment to reject the death penalty which reaffirms fundamental principles of human rights.


Somnath Ghimire


Alliance for Democracy & Human Rights in Nepal-USA


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