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New Nepali Television Channel Announcement in USA

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New Nepali Television Channel Announcement in USA

New Nepali Television Channel Announcement
Dear Nepalese Friends, Families, and Business Entrepreneurs:

We, American Nepal Television, are very excited to announce the release of the new Nepali Television Channel via IPTV technology. This technology has been widely used and effectively worked as a new dimension in the media world. It is a simple, affordable technology to capture a variety of channels on the television. This technology works with the help of a devise named ROKU using a computer.

The headquarters of America Nepal Television (ANTV) is in Washington DC metropolitan area. America Nepal television is first 24 hours Nepali language Television, outside Nepal. America Nepal Television (ANTV) will begin test broadcasting from December 1, 2011(Mangsir 15, 2068). The station will officially start round-the-clock broadcasting from Jan First 2012. The channel will run 24/7 and can be watched live from anywhere of the world by a subscription.

America Nepal Television started by a small community of Nepali lived in USA, inspired by work of PNLP [promotion of Nepali culture and language project].The target market of this new Nepali television channel is Nepali community living in the United States and Canada. America Nepal Television also available on IPTV for USA, UK, Australia and HK.

This channel will try to explore and publicize Nepal and Nepali culture to the world through a variety of educational, cultural, religious and entertainment programs along with the news in Nepali and English. In addition, we will produce contemporary, reality serials in America and Nepal that will be broadcasted on this channel. We are confident that this upcoming channel will address the needs and interest of our Nepali community in abroad.

The existence and success of this channel depends on the support and participation of our community members. Without you and your support, we cannot succeed in this competitive market place.

On behalf of American Nepal Television team, we sincerely appreciate your support and cooperation to make this Project endeavor a great success.

Please keep this new channel in mind for your friends and family, too. For more information, advertisement and subscription, please contact us.
Stay tune……

To Subscribe the channel please visit – http://www.nepaliptv.com/


Hemanta Shrestha
Rama Singh
Dr Govinda Singh Rawat
Laxman Pradhan
Krishana Murari Dhungel
Anandu Lama
Tel: 202-577-3897 E-mail:americanepaltv@gmail.com


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