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Listen our Conversation With Author Lisa Napoli

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Welcome to the Open Mic!

In this episode of Open Mic you may listen a conversation with writer and  Journalist Lisa Napoli.She is a author of “Radio Shangrila: What I Learned in Bhutan, The Happiest Kingdom on Earth”

“Before she wrote Radio Shangri-La based on her experiences in and around the Kingdom of Bhutan, Lisa Napoli had worked as a journalist in all media:

As a reporter and host for the public radio show Marketplace.  At the NY Times, where she covered the Internet revolution and the cultural impact of technology.  On the air and as a columnist for MSNBC.  And other adventures involving presidential races, home shopping networks, alternatives to prison for non-violent female offenders, and horror films.” (http://www.lisanapoli.com/about-me/)

She lives in Las Angles  and contributes cultural reports to the legendary public radio station KCRW.She is also involved in other volunteer works.

Find more info about her at  Lisa Napoli
More about  Radio Shangri La
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