हिमाली स्वरहरु – OWS Protest Videos from March 21/23 in NYC

OWS Protest Videos from March 21/23 in NYC

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OWS protesters were meditating at Union Square on March 23, 2012.They decorated Hindu Goddess in the center stage,put Bhagawat Geeta,light incense,play bells and chants
In conversation they said, “they’re here to celebrate, to create new world and bring peaceful energy and keep everything together.”

I took this video on March 21 around 9pm from inside our school building near Bowling Green. We were coming home after school but dozens of students struck in the lobby of the building for few minutes. After protesters passed by they opened the back door and we came to the street.

The huge protest and loud chanting was going on the street. Because of the police investigation and protest some of the trains were not stopping at Union Square also. Last night, many commuters had hard time to reach home.

Video by Sahadev for HimaliSworharu-NepaliOnline Radio,New York


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