हिमाली स्वरहरु – Mega Bank Photo Competition and Exhibition 068

Mega Bank Photo Competition and Exhibition 068

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event details :

Photo of the year Worth Rs. 100,000 including cash

First Prize: Rs. 30,000 including cash.
Second Prize: Rs. 20,000 including cash.
Third Prize: Rs. 10,000 including cash



Daily life
Daily Life Photography captures memories and tells stories that make meaningful portraits and works of art. This is the category that includes images about the daily life of people reflecting contemporary issues.

Wildlife and nature
The images related to wildlife: flora and fauna. And the species that are in danger of extinction. The images of living plants and animals, geological processes, weather conditions, water, wild animals, rocks, forest and beaches, and all kind of “natural environment” that have not been substantially altered by humans, or which persist despite human intervention.

Tourism photo
Most people are attracted by a photograph that appeals to them. Such places are usually idealized, and reduced to a few widely recognized signifiers, such as Fish tail, Mt. Everest, Lumbini, Pokhara, Manang etc are few examples among many. We intend to promoteNepal as a tourism destination while also promoting it as a photo destination.

These photographs are mainly used in media to disseminate news. Photography has gained an undeniable importance for it enhances the impact of the news on people.
News has two priorities: it must be current, and it must mean something to people. Photographs for this particular category must have been taken during 2068 B.S.

Photo story

Photography has been a witness to life in moments of joy and drama. This category recognizes the effort of those photographers that provides a window to the otherwise invisible events outside the reach of the “civilized” world. The photographs in series expose the crude realities and tragedies of anything: it may be the story of neediest and malnutrition, their unsafe living conditions, lack of educational opportunities, and much more.


There is no entry fee.
The participating photographer must be a Nepali citizen.
Submitted photographs must have been taken in Nepal and be the photographer’s own work.
Participants cannot submit same photos that have been submitted previously in this competition earlier.
Participants may enter a single or maximum of three photos in each category and can participate in all categories. In total, a participant may enter a maximum of 12 photographs (Not including the photo story). Entries beyond the limit will be disqualified (Only the first three entries in each category will be accepted).
Photo Story: a participant may enter up to two stories. Each story should have a minimum of TWO photographs and a maximum of TWELVE photos. (Click here to submit photo story)
News: photo submitted in this category must have been taken in the year 2068B.S. There is no time limit in other categories.
Participants cannot submit photos that have won any grand award in other competitions including this. Such entries will be disqualified.
The content of the image must not be altered. Only retouching which conforms to currently accepted standards in the industry is allowed. The jury is the ultimate arbiter of these standards and may at its discretion request the original, un-retouched file as recorded by the camera or an un-toned scan of the negative or slide.
All images should be digital files. Pictures taken in other formats should be scanned, and the digital formats should be submitted.
The dimension of the photo must be 2000 pixel (the wider side), 300 dpi and a file size of 300 kb – 1 mb. The photo should be in jpg/jpeg file format.
The winning photographs and exhibiting photos will be selected by the panel of jury.
Photojournalist Club retains the copyright of the photographs for a year for its promotional use. Full credit will be given to the photographer.
Title sponsors may use the winning photographs for their promotional use for a year with credit to the photographer.
Photographers retain the copyright of their photographs after the completion of the competition and exhibitions.
Participant shall provide high resolution image for the print material (large size photo, book) after the completion of judging.
Photojournalist Club may use the photos in Annual Photo Book.
Submission deadline for online entry is Baishak 15, 2069, 12 midnight.
Winners will be announced through www.pjclub.com.np.

Mr. Gopal Chitrakar, Photojournalist, Reuters
Mr. Bijaya Kumar Pandey, Director, Kantipur Television
Mr. Aditya Baral, Director, Nepal Tourism Board
Mr. Mani Lama, Senior Photographer
Mr. Jagadish Tiwari, Senior Photographer
Mr. Guna Raj Luitel, Annapurna Post
Mr. Sujan Chitrakar, Head, KU Art and Design
Mr. Bikash Rauniyar, Photo Editor, Kantipur Publications
Mr. Chandra Shekhar Karki, Chairman, Photojournalist Club

ContactBikash Karki (9851056865)
Secretary and Photo Competition and exhibition coordinator

Deepak Tolange (9841526593)
Programme Coordinator

You can put queries to our facebook page: facebook.com/pjclubnepal


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