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ANA Press release 30th ANA-Texas Convention-2012

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ANA Press release…. 30th ANA-Texas Convention-2012 scan.
President Barak Obama of the United States of America, sent greetings to the 30th Annual Convention of the Association of Nepalis In the Americas. Official proclamation is made by State of Texas, County of Dallas issued by executive order of The Dallas County Judge Clay Lewis Jenkins, Dallas County Judge.

Dr. Shankar Prasad Sharma, the honorable Ambassador of Nepal send massage wishing all successes of the 30th convention of ANA and express hearty congratulations and greetings to all people of Nepali origin in the United States. Honorable ambassador Dr. Sharma & honorable Deputy Ambassador Mr. Arjunkant Mainali both attended the Convention. Dr. Hari Sharma founding President of ANA & Mrs. Sharma sends their good luck wish massage to the 30th ANA convention. Mr. Simon Dungana, former president of ANA & NRNA (Nonresident Nepali Association) officials was kind to accept ANA invitation & attended the 30th ANA convention. Dignitaries of FIPNA, ANTA, GNW, ANWA, BANA, RMFN, NANC, NAGC, SNAC and many other important local and regional associations representing Nepal’s and Nepali’s affairs were in presence, while USNEPALONLINE, NTV, Sagarmatha TV, Bishwa Parikrama and several other media partners were covering the event, unconditionally.

Significant accomplishments of 30th ANA-Texas Convention-2012; Among many other important achievements, following were some of the few significant accomplishments.
The culture of free loaders in ANA Convention is brought to the end, and the result is a financially rewarding 30th ANA-Texas Convention-2012. (P&L report will be made public shortly on convention’s official website).

Bhashan Neta (Talker Nepali politicians) and Bhashan Saamajik Sangstha Kurshi-adhikari (Talker Nepali Community organization Chair-holders) are discouraged to attend ANA conventions in the future.
True community service minded, dedicated, concerned and creative volunteers are mobilized to drive ANA to fulfill its mission to serve Nepal and Nepali affairs from the grass-root. Thus, the 1st ANA Texas Chapter is proclaimed.

Youth ANA membership and ANA lifetime membership drives through convention registration is encouraged to mobilize ANA to serve the greater interest of today’s youth and future generations. (30th ANA-Texas convention membership and life-member list shall be made public shortly on ANA official website).

Greater support for ANA sports and ANA sport fans is introduced by rewarding with elevated ANA-Awards. ANA Nepali Kids Super Nova Talent program, ANA Nepali Children Spelling B Contest program to name few has been established to cultivate greater support for Nepali children, youth and new talents.

ANA HERO HONOR, a sensible, truly justifiable and meaningful ANA Honor program was introduced. Mr. Arjun Mainali of NY and a DC based human right law firm were honored as ANA HERO-2012, while Dr. Dina Bangdale was honored with the ANA LIFETIME HERO Honor. These honoraries were honored for their social works unmatched by anyone in the respective field.
Nepalis Rs. 1,00000.00 (Ek Laakh) raised as individual contribution to support ANA Nepal School Program. Several contribution $$$ commitments were received for ANA Emergency Fund Program. And the most significant achievement noted may be that NRNA Founding President, one of the wealthiest Nepali on planet and a truly a doer Social Leader of our time; Dr. Upendra Mahoto made an official commitment publicly to contribute US$ 1,000000.00 (One Million US Dollars) to ANA Nepal Rural Development Project led by ANA officer Dr. Sudeep Shrestha.
Thus, 30th ANA-Texas Convention – 2012 was outstandingly a meaningful experience and qualitatively a productive grand-event. ANA now has an outstanding model to follow next year, and years after that. A new standard for ANA Convention planners has been set. Next year’s organizers (NY) will have their hands full trying to equal the quality of this year’s event. However, we are confident that with proven record of Mr. Samir Maharjan the ANA-NY Convention-2013 Chief Coordinator and CEO of Queen’s Diamond & Jewelry; you would not want to miss the 31st ANA-NY Convention-2013, IN NY STYLE with TEXAS PASSION under the guidance of 2013 Convention Chairman Pasang Lama.

Thank you all
Tsewang Sherpalama, President
& few dedicated executive team members
The Association of Nepalis in the Americas (d.b.a.ANA)
“Small deeds done are better than big speeches. ANA supports less speech more feat”.


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