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Press Release of NANA July 15th Free Health Fair Program

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Nepalese American Nurses Association (NANA)
804 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA, Email:info@nanausa.org, Web: www.nanausa.org

Date: July 15, 2012
For Immediate Press Release

NANA is a Not-for-Profit professional organization registered in the State of New York. It works for professional development especially in Nepalese populations in the United States. Its main purpose is to unite Nepalese Registered Nurses in America, help for credentials evaluation, licensing in different States and finding respective jobs. In addition to that, NANA’s goal is to help nurses in Nepal and people in Nepal through different educational projects and health related programs. The group of Nepalese nurses recently discussed, organized conferences nationwide, and decided to form the following working committee for two years term. This committee holds its office from July 15, 2012.
The assembly of Nepalese nurses formed an Election Commission that includes three members: Ms. Punam Dawadi Koirala, Ms. Sabitra Sapkota, Ms.Indra Shah Malla and Mr. Deepak Raj Kafle. The Election Commission announces the following Executive Board Members of Nepalese American Nurses Association (NANA) today:
1. Sunita Bhandari, RN, CPN, BSN (NY)-President
2. Puspa Kafle, RN, (NY)-Vice –President
3. Yamuna Pokhrel, RN, (NY)-Treasurer
4. Sabina Shrestha, RN, (VA)-Assistant Treasurer
5. Rita Shrestha, RN, (NY)-Secretary
6. Asha Sah, RN, (NY)-Assistant Secretary

Committee Members:
1. Abina K.C., RN, (LA)
2. Mira Poudel, RN, BSN, (UT)
3. Kamala G.C., RN, (CA)
4. Bharat Nepal, RN, BSN, (AZ)
5. Dipti Subba, RN, (MA)
6. Hari Banjara, RN, BSN, (TX)
7. Bimala Devkota, RN, (IN)
8. Ishwor Dhakal, RN, (NE)
9. Shova Pandey, RN,(SD)
10. Brinda Baral, RN, (PA)
11. Sushma, Thapa, RN, BSN, (IL)

We are very pleased to announce that NANA organized first Free Health Camp today in Ridgewood, New York. The event was very successful in term of participation and support from communities. More than 150 people attended the free health fair for their health check up. On site blood sugar testing, blood pressure measurement, vision screening, health education and counseling was done on Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Stroke, Self Breast Examination for women. General Health check up and referral services was provided by Dr. Prashant Manam, Dr. Bhupendra Wagle, Dr.Sudhir Shah, Dr.Rekha Rokka Magar, and Ophthalmic Technician Mr.Anil Kumar Poudel, Mr.Yuvraj Panta, and Mr.Amit Shah and all the NANA Nurses.
Metro Health Pharmacy provided us free first aid kid to all attendees, glucometer for blood sugar examination and blood pressure machine. More than 35 nurses from NY Metro area were able to join us today to make our program successful. We are especially thankful to Dr Pradeep Sharma, Ridgewood Nepalese Society, Sagarmatha Restaurant, Event Planet Inc and Adhikaar for sponsoring and supporting this event. We are also thankful to all participants, doctors, nurses, volunteers and media members from the bottom of our heart for making our program successful.

For further details and update please visit us at www.nanausa.org or contact us at info@nanausa.org

Thank you.

Sunita Bhandari, RN, CPN, BSN
President, NANA
Email: president@nanausa.org


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