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Teej Celebration in New York

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Teej Celebration in Ridgewood, New York

New York, Queens based local Nepali organization Ridgewood Nepali Society organized Teej Feast on the occasion of Teej Festival, widely celebrated by Hindu women on September 14,2015 at Gottscher Hall, Ridgewood.

About 500 Nepali-American women, children and men were joined the feast. Teej Feast was FREE to all and it was packed with home-cooked meals, Nepali songs and dance.

During the Teej festival many women fast and later go to the temple to offer worship.

The event was on Monday and many women were working all day. After work they gathered around 9pm and enjoyed until 1am. The participation was overwhelming and overcrowded. Before it’s too late, Ridgewood Nepali Society must think about larger event space for next time.

There is a small temple like space of Ridgewood Nepali Society where many people gathered, worshiped sang bhajans in most occasion.

The space is tiny-hardly 30 people can adjust but the participation is growing every day. During Teej Pooja Day more than 200 women came and offered worship.

Nepali population is rising in New York. In Ridgewood area about 2000 Nepali are living and the number is growing. However they don’t have a community center where children, elder people or anyone who is interested to the community can explore stories. The Ridgewood Nepali Society has been trying to make a cultural center and Hindu temple over 7 years but still they are trying.

Due to the rising Nepali population in Ridgewood they desperately need a large community & cultural center to host the event or to practice art, culture and religion.
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Teej: The Hindu festival of Teej is marked by fasting of women who pray to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati seeking their blessings for marital bliss. It is a series of festivals that occur during the Hindu month of Shravana or Sawan and Bhadrapada or Bhado, that corresponds to the Indian monsoon season of July – August – September. (http://hinduism.about.com/od/festivalsholidays/a/Teej.htm)


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